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Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (r.a) narrates that the Prophet (pbuh) stated:
"I saw a person enjoying the delectabilities of paradise simply because he had chopped from the road a tree that was annoying the Muslims." [Muslim]

Mustaneer bin Akhdar bin Muaawiyah bin Qurrah narrates from his grandfather Muaawiyah,

"I was once walking with Hadhrat Ma'qil bin Yasaar (r.a) on a road when we passed by a vexatious object which he then removed. A little while later, I noticed a similar object and removed it from the road. He grasped my arm asking why I had done this."

I replied:

"Uncle! I saw you doing it so I followed suit."
Thereupon he said:
" I heard the Holy Prophet (pbuh) saying:
Whomsoever clears a troublesome object from the path of the Muslims Allah will record a good deed to his credit. And the person whose good deed is accepted will surely enter paradise." [Suyooti in Jamie Sagheer]

A troublesome object is a reference to anything harmful or irksome, such as stones, sand, trees, broken glass, filth, water or anything of that sort. Clearing such objects off the road entitles one entry into paradise.

Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (r.a) narrates that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said:
"A person was once walking down a road when he saw the branch of a thorny tree leaning out towards the road. He pushed it aside. Allah favoured him by pardoning all his sins." [Muslim]

Hadhrat Abu Barzah Aslami (r.a) states that I once asked the Holy Prophet (pbuh) to appraise me of a (perpetually) beneficial deed. He said:
"Go on removing vexatious objects from the pathways of the Muslimeen." [ibne Majah]

Source: the 40 Pathways to Jannah

Subhanallah, such an easy path to Jannah for doing a small action which could take less than a minute for us to do!! May Allah (swt) gives us the ability to practise upon the above for His sake and may He grant us Jannah for it.

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