Saturday, June 5, 2010

Creating an ISLAMIC HOME

The home, in Islam, is known to be heaven on earth – a sanctuary to rest and relax away from the congestion of crowds, pollution, traffic jams and noise. Unfortunately, because many Muslims are busy in the outdoors, the home becomes the neglected child, often an unruly dumping grounds of groceries, schoolbags and dirty clothes. Here are a few ways to create an Islamic environment in the comfort of your own home.

Freshen up the House and Tidy Up
There is nothing like a well ventilated house. Open up the windows and allow the fresh air to infiltrate your home. Take the weekend off to do this and start decluttering the shelves, boxes and drawers around your living room, dining, kitchen and bedrooms. Throwing things away allows you to concentrate on the activities that matter most, and more importantly, makes room for storage. Only keep the items you need and find ways to keep the floor clean of any clutter – this means find a storage place for your books, toys, crockery and picture frames. Hang up all your clocks. A tidier home is inevitably a more relaxing home.

Clean up the House
Once you have managed to dispose of the bin liners, it is time to really clean up the house. Dust, vacuum, sweep and mop the floors. Wash all the bed linens, curtains and give the carpets a good beating. If you are going green, which is highly recommended, ditch the chemical-based products and use natural cleaners such as water, vinegar and baking soda to give your home a good scrub.
A clean house is a more Islamic home as cleanliness is said to be half of faith. Once you have a clean house, it will be easier to pray at home, since you know the floor is clean.

Add Natural Elements to your Home
A good way to keep in touch with God is to keep in touch with nature. Add houseplants and pots of flowers to your house. This will give your home a breath of fresh air and allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature. Create a rock garden or buy an acquairium with your favourite fish. Keeping in touch with natural elements will help you unwind at the end of a long hectic day.

Let the Qur'an Play
Qur'anic verses have a special effect on those who listen to them. Give you CD player a dust and arrange your Qur'anic CDs on a nearby rack. Let the verses play throughout the day and enjoy the benefits just by listening to them. Alternatively, various Muslim nasheed artists such as Sami Yusuf, Native Deen, Yusuf Islam and Raihan will add to the Islamic atmosphere in your home.

Create Special Areas for the Family
The family is a cornerstone in Muslim society. Ensure that all areas of your home are conducive for you and your children to gather as a family. For example, ensure there is enough space in the living room to read together. The dining area should also be clean to faciliate proper meals. Lastly, make sure there is a big open space for congregation prayers.

Your family home is a special area in this world for you and your family. The home is said to be heaven on earth – as long as it is clean and uncluttered. It is easy to create an Islamic environment – and it is important as it will help you unwind and will allow you to spend valuable time as a family.
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