Friday, June 10, 2011

I KNOW.....

I know that the place where I now stand; where I live my life, is my path in life, so I am not lost

I know that what happened to me was written as my destiny and no one can change it and I don’t want to, because it has made me who I am

I know that what I fear is from the unknown and belongs to Allah, so I have to trust in Him – not in myself – so I should not fear

I know that the people in my life were sent to me and if some are taken away I have to let them go, trusting in Allah that He will send another

I know Allah loves me for I feel His mercy, forgiveness and compassion all around me – so I have to love myself

I know that barakah is peace and that ease exists within the difficulty so I shouldn’t resist hardship but embrace it looking for the joy and allow myself to feel it

I know that everything changes even myself, so I have to be open to transform and evolve – knowing that everything from Allah is good even if we don’t always see it

I know I am part of all that exists because I feel the affect of life around me and because when I’m sincere and determined the universe moves to make room for me





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