Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Setting Islamic Goals And Resolutions

Islam has already set up a common goal, not only for Muslims but for the entire mankind- salvation. Salvation is achieving eternal success by making Allah happy and winning a place in Paradise. The most positive outlook about Islamic goals can be understood from the words of the prophet: "When any of you pray to Allah for paradise, he should ask for Jannatul Firdaus." Jannatul Firdaus is the highest level of Paradise.

The methodology of achieving your goals is very simple in Islam.

• Believe in Allah.
• Put your trust in him.
• Seek help from Him alone.
• Fear Him alone.
• Do not despair His mercy.
• Repent for your sins

This belief is further strengthened by offering Salah regularly and punctually, giving charity, being nice to people, performing Hajj, observing Saum and along with them, Dawah to Islam. The Qur'an calls this method "Siratal Mustaqeem" The Straight way.

Islam has set the highest goal for humans, whereas materialistic achievements and obstacles are declared as a test from Allah Almighty. This test separates a believer from a non believer, a strong believer from a weak believer, a firm believer from a hypocrite.

Salvation is a long-term goal. But, in order to achieve it, there are other short-term goals, which push you ahead. Here are a few suggestions from the Prophet (pbuh):

"The heaviest deeds of a man in the weigh o the day of Judgment will be his excellent manners."

"Ward off the Fire of hell with a charity even if it is a trifle date fruit."

"Fasting is a shield from hell fire."

We can also fond other ways to achieve our goals from the Qur'an.

"When you promise, fulfill it."

"Race you with each other in Bir and Taqwa."

"Establish your prayer and give your charity."

"Repel evil with that which is good."

Considering the human nature, Allah not only sets the goal, but also presents the virtue of achieving the goals, thus motivating and inspiring his believers to achieve it. The description of Paradise, its beauty, its uniqueness, facilities, every minute things are highlighted as a big achievement. This description is spread throughout the Qur'an and its details are in Hadith, reminding the believers of the fruits of their goals.

What are your goals and resolutions? Do you want to start an orphanage? Or would you like to run a school or a library that's runs on Islamic principles? It could be that you want your child to be a PhD. in Hadith. There are many things you want to do but you cannot do it or you are unable to do it, but there are many things that you can do it and should be doing it but are not doing it.

Take for example, you cannot start an orphanage but you can certainly afford to sponsor an orphan can't you? You may not be able to run a school or a library but you can afford to sponsor books and fees or pay up the electric bill of a middle income school or library and arrange for a sawab e jaariyaa for you. So don't wait till you become rich but grab what ever opportunity Allah has provided you and make arrangements for you akhera.


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