Saturday, December 12, 2009


Firstly: loving for the sake of Allah and loving what Allah and His Messenger love. This is how a Muslim should be. Ibn Al-Qayyim said about this type of love:

"There are four types of love where one must differentiate between …They are:

A: Loving Allah only.

B: Loving what Allah loves. This leads one to enter Islam and depart infidelity. The most beloved ones by Allah are those who posses much of this type of love.

C: Loving for the sake of Allah. This is a requirement of loving what Allah loves.

D: Loving with Allah. This is the Shirk of Love. Everyone who loves something with the love of Allah, not for the sake of Allah, then he has associated a partner with Him.

Secondly: loving lawful things, such as food, clothes or drinks. This love is normal.

Thirdly: sympathetic loving, such as loving your children or wife. This love is normal.

Fourthly: loving others equal or more than the love of Allaah. This is major Shirk."




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