Sunday, November 29, 2009


Life is beautiful, and everyone knows that this is true. But still it can be very difficult to find a way to believe it.Sometimes we can get so caught up in trying to just survive, that we can sometimes easily forget just how beautiful the things around us truly are.

When is the last time that you stopped and took the time to enjoy the smell of a tea rose, a fresh ripe cantaloupe, or some piping hot biscuits early in the morning?When is the last time that you stopped and looked at a bug do something incredible, as it went about the business of finding food for itself or materials to build for itself some shelter?When is the last time that you intentionally took a moment to listened to the rain fall on a roof, or gaze at a rainbow, or the colors created as the sunset lit up the clouds in the evening sky?

All of these are wonderful treasures that Almighty God Allah created for us, and then He graciously blessed us with the ability to appreciate them, so that we could have that sudden burst of joy in lives, as we move through the world from day to day.
We are immensely grateful for the ability to see, to smell, to feel, and to appreciate the beautiful artistry that is our world.

Look at how big this creation is, and still, at every turn there is always something to fascinate and engage that beautiful gift of life that has been placed within us.
What a blessing to have that gift that makes us see, hear, smell, enjoy, and appreciate the wonderful things that are so abundantly placed around us.We have been tremendously blessed to have been given this gift of appreciation. And no matter how much we may already appreciate the Giver and the gift, we all know that we can always appreciate the Giver and the gift even more.

The ability to know that we can always strive to do more and to give more, is built into our nature. People were designed to want to give. Little Babies love walking up to you and sticking something out for to share with you. It is natural to our nature. And that too, is an incredibly beautiful gift. Many people stay that way through out life and that is a tremendous blessing. Sometimes some people join organizations, or clubs, or religions, and they then return to becoming more and more generous. And that’s a good thing.

The world needs us. We need each other. And the only way that all of us can succeed, is that we all work together in one accord, to do the will of the Only One who has the final say.He is the One that put the ability to appreciate the good things in life within, us in the first place. And He is the One who created the things that we love to appreciate. So certainly we must remember and give thanks and appreciation to the One who is the Source of all that is appreciated.

So enjoy the warm fresh baked bread, the fragrant tea, the new spring flowers, the gentle and cool summer breeze, the radiant glowing sky of a setting sun. And enjoy the science as you watch the animals and the insects do what they do to have a good and fair life.Be reminded of the immense beauty and of the immense generosity of the One who is generous enough to give them all to us. Be reminded of the gift that lets you see that which you appreciate. Remember the One who gave us that which is appreciated. And remember the One who gave us the the ability to appreciate.
Do something good for someone who you would not normally do good for. Cross some color lines and take control of what you think.

Be a servant of the Most High God and let Him be your Witness and Your Guide. And sometimes when you see or remember the people who are less fortunate than yourself, say a prayer for them and say a prayer for the world. That will help to increase the good vibrations for us all.Do what you do for good purposes and let Almighty God Allah be the best Witness for you in this world, and in the world to come. It’s a beautiful day. May Allah have mercy on us all, insha’allah.




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