Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time Management

1. Set Your Priorities
What are your goals? Remember that if you don't know where are you going, you will surprised when you arrive to a wrong place. Think carefully what is important for you.Our life is short - every moment is precious. Set your priorities and write them down! Yes! Do not miss this moment - writing your goals is the first step to your success.

2. Divide Your Tasks into Smaller Ones
To build a great wall you need many small bricks. Do not try to do everything at once. Act step by step.

3. Choose Only One Task to do
Do not try to strap everything at once. One task at a time.

4. Concentration is the Key
Develop maximum concentration. Work less but effectively. Focus on one task - and do your best.

5.Analyze and re-evaluate
Do daily and weekly analysis. What takes most of your time, is it effective, what can be more effective? Ask these questions and optimize your time.

6. Set Time Limits
Set your time limits and follow them. Yes it's important to spend 5 minutes a day to check your mail, but only 5 minutes. Set the alarm and remind yourself when you should start doing the task - and (very important) when you should finish it.

7. Just Do It
You have set the task, analyzed it, set the time - now it is time to work. So do not waste your time - just work. Separation of working and planning is very important - do not mix them. And do your best!

And remember, everything needs time and efforts. Do understand how important to develop your time management habits. These resources can help you to organize your time and develop great time management skills.



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