Saturday, April 14, 2012

Importance of Halal Food

Muslims are urged to always ensure that the foods they are taking are Halal, which is, permitted by Islam for Muslim consumption. This is because Halal food brings blessings, while eating non-Halal food can distance oneself from conducting welfare activities. Non-Halal food could also darken and harden the heart, and make the consumer forget about the life hereafter and care only for the world. Food can deeply affect one's personality and religious practice, because the source of Halal and clean food would make the whole body active so that one would remain devoted in performing religious deeds, and love life in this world as well the hereafter. Apart from that, eating Halal food will also bring about the feeling of gratification and devotion towards Allah the Almighty in oneself; it would enlighten one's heart and make one fully aware of Allah's might. All these characteristics will become the main reasons one's religious deeds are accepted and his prayers answered. Verily, food plays an important role in producing persons of quality, and who are ideal academically, physically and spiritually. Let others say we are fussy for being too cautious in choosing food. Most importantly, our religious deeds are accepted by Allah the Almighty and that we are safe in this world and the hereafter.



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